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I have spent several weeks on and off configuring and modifying FreeCommander and I'd like to share my color scheme and settings for others.

ImageYou can download the color scheme here (right click the link and choose "Save link as..."): ... nce.colors

Directions to install:
1) Inside FreeCommander, go to Help (menu) and then About. Under the "Paths info" section on the bottom right, click the second like top open the "FreeCommander data" folder.
2) Copy this file into the ColorSchemes folder.
3) Choose View (menu) -> Color Schemes -> Dark_Elegance

Or you can download this backup which has other great settings like some preconfigured "Favorite tools", new status bar data for jpg picture and mp3 files, a column profile for music, auto-selectable views, more color coded filenames, pre-configured program operations you can turn on with all major file extensions, highly optimized toolbars, and more. ...

Direction to install:
1) Recommended: Back up your settings under Tools (menu) -> Backup all settings
2) Download the zip file and extract it.
3) Inside FreeCommander, do to Tools (menu) -> Restore all settings and then choose the extracted folder from the zip file.


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