simplyScroll v2

simplyScroll is a scroll-tastic jQuery plugin that can animate (scroll) content either automatically or manually, horizontally or vertically, backwards or forwards.


  • Auto-scroll in either direction
  • RTL support, normalises browser RTL scroll implementations
  • Touch support
  • Now automatically supports unequal sized elements in loop mode
  • Pause/play button option


  • Supports scrolling horizontally and vertically both forwards and backwards
  • Uses DOM ScrollTop/ScrollLeft for optimal performance
  • Supports looped scrolling (infinite effect)
  • Fully customisable via CSS & HTML
  • Supports jQuery 1.2.6 and higher (tested up to 1.7.1)
  • Works on all major browsers (including IE6/7!)


  1. Horizontal scroll with loop (infinite effect)
  2. As above but manual scroll with buttons
  3. Manual Vertical scroll, with buttons, looped
  4. Custom HTML example, scrolling backwards
  5. RTL mode page may look odd (or better)!
  6. Pause and resume


simplyScroll is open source and dual licensed under MIT and GPL licenses. Latest version simplyScroll 2.0.5 released 10/05/12 30 Kb Recommended Complete package including CSS & buttons.png
jquery.simplyscroll.js 13 Kb Source
jquery.simplyscroll.min.js 8 Kb minified (uncompressed)


simplyScroll can be configured with a number of options

Property Default Description
customClass 'simply-scroll' Class name for styling
frameRate 24 Number of movements/frames per second
speed 1 Number of pixels moved per frame, in 'loop' mode must be divisible by total width of scroller
orientation 'horizontal' 'horizontal or 'vertical' - not to be confused with device orientation
direction 'forwards' 'forwards' or 'backwards'
auto true Automatic scrolling, use false for button controls
autoMode 'loop' auto = true, 'loop' or 'bounce', (disables buttons)
manualMode 'end' auto = false, 'loop' or 'end' (end-to-end)
pauseOnHover true Pause scroll on hover (auto only)
pauseOnTouch true Touch enabled devices only (auto only)
pauseButton false Creates a pause button (auto only)
startOnLoad false Init plugin on window.load (to allow for image loading etc)



simplyScroll jumping? Make sure you specify images sizes or start on window load (Chrome is especially affected by this - it's just so darn fast!)

You can't use auto scrolling with buttons (yet - speed-up is a planned feature)

There's a bug in Chrome 17 (released Feb 12) that returns a false positive on a touch support test (causing hover events not to be setup), version 2.0.3 fixes this.

Any feedback or bugs should be directed to @logicbox Enjoy!

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