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StackShare Weekly Digest

March 04, 2016

New Tools

  • codebeat (Code Review) - Automated code review for Swift
  • Realm React Native (Mobile Database) - An easy, fast database with live objects, change events & support for unidirectional data flows
  • EarlGrey (Mobile Testing Frameworks) - iOS UI Automation Test Framework, by Google
  • Vapor (Frameworks (Full Stack)) - A type-safe web framework for Swift
  • Swifton (Frameworks (Full Stack)) - Ruby on Rails-inspired web framework for Swift
  • Locent (Voice and SMS) - Mailchimp for SMS
  • Jolteon (Frameworks (Full Stack)) - Babel/Electron/React/Browserify/Sass application stack
  • PlatformIO (Integrated Development Environment) - Next-generation IDE for IoT
  • Spread (Docker Tools) - CLI to deploy Docker to Kubernetes in one command



Top 5 New Tools

  1. StopLight (API Tools) - Visual API Tooling
  2. lelylan (Internet of Things Services) - Open Source Lightweight Microservices Architecture for the Internet of Things
  3. LaunchDarkly (Continuous Deployment) - Feature Flags as a Service
  4. Claudia (Microservices Tools) - Deploy Node.js microservices to AWS more easily
  5. Uptime Robot (Website Monitoring) - Free website uptime monitor





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