Hello, I'm Froala Editor User in Korea.

First, I do not speak English very well.

I have something to ask.

I use PHPStorm. (http://www.jetbrains.com/)

I want to paste the source style of phpstorm into the froala editor as it is.

example, like this >

but, now basically does not work like this.

I know I need to use the 'pastAllowedStyleProps' option to use it like this.

But I do not like the option, I want to work like MS-Word.

However, I know that this method is not easy.

So I 'm wondering how I would like to have styles applied only to 'pre' tags in other ways.

I used ckeditor before using the froala editor.

U can test ckeditor Write mode. (IDE Editor Source Paste)

url : https://eond.com/index.php?mid=test&act=dispBoardWrite

Please let me know how I can. Thank you. Have Nice Day.

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